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The Medicine That is More Suitable in Eradication of Fleas

Your pet can be seriously harmed by a flea. Correct medicine is needed for eradication of fleas in your pets. Advantix blue is one of the exceptionally good drugs known for removing ticks on your dogs. It kills 90-100% of flea on your pooches in 12 hours of utilization, and it avoids re-invasion for over a month. This medication can also be used to eliminate most ticks and mosquitoes thus another added advantage. The drug is cost-effective and easy to get even with no prescription.

Advantix blue is a good drug but can be dangerous for a cat if your dogs are friends with the cat. If the cat continuously rubs itself to the dog, the chemicals of the Advantix drug can cause damages to the cat.Therefore in case your dogs and cats stay together it is recommended that you select advantage frontline plus or revolution dog flea drugs. Revolution medication is the medicine that is greatly acclaimed by most veterinary since it is a prescribed flea medicine dog that eliminates other dog problems.Despite the fact that this medicine eliminates fleas it also has an added advantage whereby it protects the pets from worms like the heartworms.Revolution is a systemic and broad-spectrum parasiticide that is greatly recommended more because of its safety when dealing with canine problems. It is a result of its convenience that the medication is somewhat costly contrasted with other bug pharmaceuticals.

Another flea medicine that is commonly used is frontline plus which kills fleas on the dog and also provides tick protection. Ticks being a very serious problem in some countries which poses the danger of carrying diseases like Lyme disease which spreads to the other dogs frontline becomes the best solution to this problem. Additionally individuals can contract the disease of Lyme hence ticks become more harmful.

Program and Sentinel are other medications that are administered through the mouth. These drugs do not eradicate adult ticks on the dogs but prevents the flea from maturing and producing more fleas. Even though program and sentinel oral drugs inhibits reproduction of fleas in the dog it is not advisable to administer to animals that are affected by insect sensitivity.Instead the puppy proprietor can utilize one measurement of top star together with one of the oral solution to execute the grown-up bugs. In order to keep off the flea menace on dogs, the pet owners need to do a regular check-up of their homestead hence killing fleas in places like the carpet. One other significant thing to take into consideration is hygiene thus the necessities to thorough clean the animals crates and blankets.

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