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Guidance on How to Manage a Solo Camp as a Lady.

A camping event is an important way of exploration and memory building. Most importantly when you are alone. In this way, there is nothing to interfere with your thoughts in nature.

Solo female camping has been seen to attract mixed reactions from people. This is due to the gender disparity aspects. People will prefer you get a man to offer protection. But you will notice some people ho find solo adventure o be more fun, but to some, it is when you live at the confines of a hotel. If you talk of getting to camp at a wilderness you get so many disapproval from people. And whats more, is that most of these arguments are not logic. For example, regardless of being a man or woman you will still need o struggle to deal with a bear. But you will still need to heed to some of these points. And here a number of them.

to begin, you will be insecure. Though the bear argument may not make sense. It is important to take significant consideration for your security. The fact of the matter is that when you are staying in a hotel or an inn, your safety is somehow guaranteed. This is for the safety measures put in place to secure guests. Whereas, when you are alone in the wilderness, this may not be the case. You may become vulnerable to wildlife or even opportunists who may want to take advantage of a lady who seems to be alone. In this case, ensure that your family is aware of all your progress. You may also want to befriend locals and remain strolling in the open places closest to the housings.

Then again, It will be difficult to manage to carry everything by yourself. This is something that you will get to hear when planning your camping event. Although this has nothing to do with physical strength, it is imperative to note that transport all the camping apparatus may be a problem, irrespective of being male or female. To counter this challenge, most solo campers will go for moderation risking their safety. It is then advisable that you pick the lightweight gear other than not carrying at all. For instance, you may buy a one-person fold-able tent that will not be overwhelming to carry. All the same you may employ a portable gazebo that is equally easy to transport. The important thing is to weigh everything before setting out for the camp.

Most people will tell you that you will not be safe after dark. This is because at night it is not possible to keep track of the map. In an icy state, this may be perilous. To ensure you are safe, ensure that you rest and night and rise with the sun. this way, you will be sure to remain safe.