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Add Interest To A Room With Wooden Wall Treatments

TWood adds warmth and beauty wherever it is used. People are used to seeing wood on floors and as trim around doors and windows. Wooden look paneling turned people off on wooden wall treatments for a while but wood is back in wonderful ways now. Wood can be used in many ways to make one or more walls in a room special. People can use beadboard, shiplap, shipping pallet wood, recycled wood boards, and other forms of wood to cover a wall. Then, the wood can have paint, stain or other finish coats applied to it.

Wood For Walls

The homeowner can find wood products for their walls in several places. Home building centers have many kinds and sizes of boards in different thicknesses. There is wall paneling in four-foot by eight-foot sheets. There are prepackaged boards for walls, and then there is beadboard already painted white, or unfinished. There are even thin strips of wood that have adhesive on the back for easy installation.

Then, there are the really creative types of wood wall treatments. These can include recycled boards from shipping containers, barn walls, shiplap, or other sources. Some people have successfully covered walls with birch or another wood cut in slices to form various sized circles or rectangles. They can use branches or things like 4x4s or posts. The important thing to remember when doing a wood wall treatment is to gather plenty of the chosen wood in advance.

Installing The Wood Treatment

It is not difficult to cover a wall with wood but it does take some planning and careful measuring. The wood needs to be glued or nailed, or both, to the wall so it stays put. Walls have support studs every so often to hold the sheetrock. It is important to find and mark these studs before the project starts. The boards need to be level from bottom to top or top to bottom so have a level on hand and use it often. The board seams should be staggered from row to row. Cuts and seams should be well cut and fitted.

When all the wood is on the wall the whole wall should have a coat or several of finish applied. This gives the wall a finished look and makes it easier to clean. For more ideas and how-tos, go to the website.