Having trouble cleaning the crust on your stainless cooking pot equipment? Here is the solution.

Our activities and cooking activities never get off the stove. However, cooking with a large fire stove often results in our crusted kitchen utensils. Here is how to remove the crust from a stainless cooking pot.

clean the crusty pot:

Using baking soda

Baking soda or SODIUM BICARBONATE is the name of a chemical compound consisting of sodium ions and bicarbonate ions. The shape of a white solid is crystalline but which we often encounter in the form of fine powder. You can use baking soda to clean kitchen utensils in this case of crusty pans. Mix the baking soda with a little water, stirring until thickened into pasta. Rub the baking soda onto the crusty pan. If you want to see first hand how the result is, you simply rub the flush with the running water.

Using dishwashing liquid

The second way is to use dishwashing liquid kitchen. Find and prepare a place that has a big advantage to accommodate hot water then add dishwashing liquid to the hot water. Soak the pan for approximately 30 minutes. Make sure the crusty portion of the pan is completely submerged in hot water. Continue by cleaning the pot by using an abrasive sponge. After that rinse with running water.

Cleans the crust with soda water

If you have soda water, just use the soda water by spraying it on the pot’s crust. Then let stand for one or two hours for the soda water to react and facilitate the peeling of the crust on the pan. After that, rinse the pan with running water while rubbing with steel wool.

Using white vinegar

Another material that is often used to clean dirty kitchen equipment is white vinegar. This vinegar has properties similar to lemon water and can remove dirt or charred cooking utensils. Use vinegar without a mixture of water to remove stains. Way, spray vinegar into the crusty part and let stand for 60 minutes. After that rub with an abrasive sponge or steel wool.

Cleaning with vegetable oil

There is also another way to clean the crust part of the pan is by using cooking oil or vegetable oil. First, heat the oil using another pot of the same size or slightly larger. Then put the crusty pot on top for 15 minutes. Lift and clean. After that wash with soap to clean and rinse.

Using lime

Lime can also be used to clean stains on the pan crust. Prepare a large size basin that can accommodate the crusty pot. Prepare lime juice.

You can also boil water as much as 1 pot to boil. Pour the water into the basin and add the lime juice, add dishwashing soap.

Soak the pot for one night. The next day, clean the pan using an abrasive sponge. After that rinse again by using hot water and then using cold water. If there are still stains that are difficult to clean, repeat the steps. But add more lemon juice to give a stronger reaction.

Many ways to clean kitchen utensils, try not to cook using a stove that the fire is too big. If you find rust stains on other kitchen appliances, immediately apply the steps as mentioned earlier to remove the stain from sticking permanently so that it is difficult to clean.

Good luck and hopefully useful