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Our 7 screened porch choices are chosen to satisfy your specific requirements be it price, comfort, or model. This two-level fashionable patio extends the household’s dwelling house to include an outside dining room. Filling the fireplace with candles instead of firewood is a great idea for adding light and attraction in heat summer season months. Wendy Owen created a “breakfast patio” for her Sonoma property using French café chairs and a stone table.

Four 6- by 6-foot posts across the entrance of this patio arbor give the structure a considerable feel and creates a border, making the house feel like a cohesive, contained area without diminishing its openness and airiness. Outside her Los Angeles “Jungalow,” Justina Blakeney uses the outdoor dining area for both family meals and dinner parties.Patios Porches & Outdoor Rooms

The solution: a shocking espresso table created from 4 slices of a maple tree, a set of 4 casual leather-based-wrapped rattan chairs, and a vibrant cobalt rug to cover an unattractive brick ground. An excellent place to indulge in salty ocean breezes, this porch is a coastal oasis.

A patterned accent rug provides visual interest to this entertaining porch completed with brick pavers and stuccoed walls. Far from feeling cramped, this porch is cozy; it invites nature in and, with copious plants and greenery, creates an area as stunning as it’s soothing.Patios Porches & Outdoor Rooms

The multi-degree porch setup gives the look of even more area; the horizontal lines draw the attention out, widening the porch-scape and increasing the scope of this modern, livable area. Further pillows add coloration and luxury to this bench swing, which is low to the ground and laden with plush, patterned colour.