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This is the Best Badminton Players List Indonesia

Five Badminton Player of the Best Men Indonesia

  1. Rudi Hartono Kurniawan

Rudi Hartono has listed his name in the history of world badminton. The original Indonesian player is a record 8 times champion of the All England champion, with a record 7 times out as champions in a row. The record has not even been solved until now. In addition to winning the Thomas Cup in 1980, this victory also gets a plaques and awards Honorary Sign Republic of Indonesia Bintang Jasa Utama for his dedication to the world of sports.

  1. Liem Swie King

His name is not like the name of the Indonesian, but he is a true victorious birth of Indonesia. The player is known as “King Smash” is a 3-time All England champion. Other achievements are also booked by a player whose career journey had become an inspiration and was promoted to film.

  1. Alan Budikusuma

The husband of Indonesia Badminton Queen is an athlete who presents Barcelona Olympic gold for Indonesia. Together with Susi, Alan at the time managed to win Olympic gold from the badminton branch for the men’s singles branch. Just like Rudi Hartono, he also received an award plaques and Honor Award of Republic of Indonesia Bintang Jasa Utama because of the Olympic gold he obtained.

  1. Haryanto Arbi

Haryanto Arbi won 2 times All England, men’s badminton event, Thomas Cup 4 times, and 2 world championships. The proud achievement received appreciation from all the badminton world. This badminton player gets a custom plaques because the nickname “Smash 100 Watt” is very famous.

  1. Taufik Hidayat

Still remains the idol of the badminton fans of the country, a number of titles he has donated. In 2004, he won an Olympic gold medal. In the All England Olympics, he did not qualify and only got wooden plaques, but Taufik was once the world’s number one player.


Five Best Women Badminton Players Indonesia

  1. Minarni Sudaryanto

Her performance in badminton was famous in the era of 60s to 70s. She won the All England championship and presented the Uber Cup in 1975. Other titles have also earned perpetual plaques including Malaysia Open, Canada Open, US Open and Asian Games. He died in 2003 ago.

  1. Verawati Wiharjo

The 1980 world champion was her highest achievement. Other accomplishments also embellished her career in the world of badminton, including champions Sea Games, Indonesia Open, and China Open champion.

  1. Ivanie Lie Ing Hoa

She was the victory of Indonesian women in the 1980s. Her achievements are quite good in both single and double sectors. Indonesian Open champion, Chinese Open champion, and Golden Sea Games 1979 and 1983 are the achievements she has achieved.

  1. Susi Susanti

Badminton named Lucia Francisca Susi Susanti this is the Queen of Modern Badminton Indonesia. Her most remarkable achievement was the 1992 Olympic gold medal. Her many achievements during her badminton career have led her to receive the “Hall of Fame” award from the Badminton World Federation.

  1. Liliana Natsir

Her achievements are very bright in the mixed doubles sector, both when she is paired with Nova Widianto and with Tantowi Ahmad. 2007 world champion she had achieved when paired with Nova, and the latest is 2012 All England champion with Tantowi.

Hopefully Indonesia badminton achievement back to its heyday and the name of Indonesia in the eyes of the world.