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Why the top freezer refrigerator should be on your shopping list

Refrigerators as we know them have come a long way since they were first invented. A way to keep our food fresh and cold, no one ever thought that a fridge would ever undergo such a massive overhaul. Smart fridges can order food on your behalf, tell you what recipes you can make and send you notifications when you’re away from home.

Nevertheless, the top freezer still remains a popular choice when it comes to purchasing a fridge.

With the advent of smart refrigerators and double door refrigerators, is it still wise to buy a top freezer refrigerator? Let’s break it down for you.

A top freezer essentially means that the freezer is on top. Before the invention of the bottom freezer, it was just called a fridge but now with all these different types it is really important that you know which type you’re referring to.

What makes the top freezer so popular?

  • refrigerator price: The number one reason why the top freezer is so popular is the low price. Anyone can afford a top freezer. It is designed for the common man. Of course, there are variants that have more features and are bigger in size that drive the price up but on the whole top freezer is the most affordable fridge out there.
  • Consumes less energy: Top freezer are the most energy efficient models when compared to bottom freezer or double door refrigerator. They consume 10-25{505b61d234e8acb4e4543a0632e404561b1a9454bae1db0b67d894fee864949f} less energy in comparison to the other types. Less consumption of energy means a lower electricity bill for you and a reduction in your carbon footprint.
  • Choice of colour and size: The top freezer is the most versatile fridge ever made. It comes in several different colours so you can take your pick. The size is also not fixed so you can get a fridge as small or as big as you need. The other types are not so flexible with size and colour.
  • More Usable Space: This one is a little tricky to understand but the same size fridge of a different type has less usable space as compared to a top freezer. The other types have hinges and compartments effectively reducing the usable space.
  • Takes us less space: The top freezer refrigerators are incredibly compact and fit any available space. A side by side or double door refrigerator cannot fit in a tiny kitchen. So, if you are short on space, buy a top freezer.

There are obviously some cons as well. The main problem you might face is that you do not use the freezer as much as you do the rest of the fridge but you have to bend down to get things out or place them in the fridge.  You may also feel like you’re missing out on some seriously cool features that are present in the other types but consider your needs. If you are a simple person with a low-to-moderate budget and are short on space, then a top freezer refrigerator is really all you need.