5 Home Improvements that will Protect Your Home’s Structural Integrity

5 Home Improvements​ that will Protect Your Home’s Structural Integrity

When it comes to home improvements, one thing should be of paramount importance: the structural integrity of your home. While it is great to have a beautiful home on the outside, if there are foundation problems or essential structural issues, not only will it be unpleasant to live in, but the resale value will be dramatically impacted.

A home that won’t pass an inspection won’t sell, won’t be as secure, and in many cases will be less energy efficient. There are a certain number of key areas that should be considered when looking at your home’s structural integrity and where home improvements should begin if there are clear issues.

Here are five of the most common home improvements that will protect your home’s structural integrity.

Landscape Drainage

A common issue with many older homes or homes with modified landscaping is improper landscape drainage. If during rains, water tends to pool around your foundation areas or at low areas of the lawn or landscape near your home, porches, or other structures, it is urgent that this be corrected.

Water intrusion into the spaces under your home can cause big issues with your foundation. From garages to crawlspaces and basements, standing water can be a huge issue. In addition to these problems, there is also the problem of mold, which can be a source of illness and in certain areas can be extremely difficult to get rid of.

Proper drainage, along with waterproofing of basements and other precautions can prevent these issues before they begin.

Replace Rotting Wood

This might seem like common sense, but we’re not just talking the foundation posts for your porch, but also things like railroad ties and other wood around raised garden beds, around sheds and other outbuildings, and anywhere on your property.

Why? Rotting wood can attract termites, and once you have a colony, they are beyond challenging and expensive to get rid of. If they reach your home, you will need to treat it right away to prevent permanent and costly damage.

The other thing rotting wood attracts is other pests that can invade your yard and your home, causing problems for both you and your pets. Ticks and other parasites love the habitat of rotting wood. If on your home, rotting siding and other wood can be rather unsightly too.

Fix any Plumbing and Water Leaks

For the exact same reason that landscape drainage is so important is why plumbing and other water leaks are of such high importance. Water can do a lot of damage quickly, and even a slow leak left unattended for a relatively short period of time can necessitate the replacement of flooring and the sub floor and even structurally essential supports.

At the same time, there is also the same risk of mold, and since these leaks are often in the kitchen, this is an especially horrific and dangerous place for mold, as it can be ingested easily, and can spread to food storage areas like cupboards and pantries.

Fix any plumbing leaks you discover right away, and if they have been leaking for any period of time, inspect and make any repairs to the area around them right away.

Doors and Windows

One key to keeping the outside out and the inside in is your doors and windows, and they have a huge impact on the structural integrity of your home. Ill-fitting windows and doors let pests and the climate in, and in the long run cost you money.

Change old single pane windows to more modern and efficient double pane windows, and make sure they fit properly and are seated well in their frames. Make any repairs to frames a priority not only for your security but for your comfort as well.

Another place of weakness is often entry points like front doors. Old, wooden doors often become warped over time and don’t fit well. They are often weakened as well, and no longer as secure as modern doors. Replacing doors and frames and making sure seals have been refreshed will keep the weather out, and the integrity of your home’s structure intact.

The Roof Over Your Head

When you want to be sure the structure of your home is intact, look up. Your roof covers everything from top to bottom, and roofing issues can quickly turn into leaks, damage, and even structural failures. While the last thing on our list, this is often the first place to look when deciding what home improvements to do next.

It is not just about roof replacement, and shingle condition. It’s also about cleaning gutters and doing basic inspections annually. The sooner problems are caught, the less likely they are to progress into larger and more costly issues.

When it comes to home improvements and priorities, nothing is more important than the structural integrity of your home. Start with these five inspections and projects that will help protect your structural integrity and preserve the value of your home.