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What You Need to Know About ADA Signs

When it comes to advertising a company using signs, most new companies are curious about knowing whether to use ADA compliant signs is a good idea. The information revolving around ADA signs are more than what the governments are telling people. In business, the sighs are meant to guide customers. Once you know your clients, you need to choose signs that will serve their needs.

Here are the benefits of having ADA signs. One of the most important benefits to having ADA compliant signs is the potential increase in sales and services. When you have ADA signs, it will be easier for your clients to spot them due to the fact that they are made of raised letters, sharp contrasts, and are placed in ideal locations. Businesses are advised to use ADA signs since the signs do target not only ordinary people but also those without good eyesight, those who are legally blind but have some ability to see, as well as those with disabilities and need signs they can locate.

The signs also have the potential to increase a business’ clients base. ADA signs are known to convert new clients into loyal clients due to the fact that it is the nature of people to stick to a business that addresses their needs. Another vital reason why you need to use ADA compliant signs is that they can increase returns on investment.

Now that you understand the benefit of using ADA signs, it is time to also go through the rules that need to be considered when using the signs. First and foremost, when placing the signs on a single door they need to be put right next to the on the latch side. The rules that govern the location of the signs clarifies that in double doors having single door opening, place the signs on the inactive leaf, however in case of double doors with both leaves active, place the signage on the right side of right-handed door.

Also, you need to pay attention to the height of the sign. When you want to erect an overhead sign, make sure it is least eighty inches above the ground. On the other hand, wall mounted signs need to be fixed twenty-seven inches from the floor and not exceeding above eighty inches from the floor.

In addition to the height, you need to obverse the rule that govern the color of the signs; according to the rule, the background and characters should be in contrast, so they don’t merge in each other. You can use a light color on a dark background or a dark color on a light background to make a good contrast between the background and the characters.

Besides, when designing the signs, the characters and background should have a non-glare finish so that they don’t cause hindrance to visually challenged people while reading.

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