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 Water Heater Repair Santa Rosa, CA


Today, you have more to choose from when it comes to water heaters, and depending on the type of your home you can choose the right for you. There is no need to get that conventional water heater. Also, you have the option of solar, tankless, tankless coil, and indirect water heaters. All of them have some advantages and disadvantages. For some of them, the efficiency is up to 95{505b61d234e8acb4e4543a0632e404561b1a9454bae1db0b67d894fee864949f} which saves you a lot of money, but the installation can be hard and it cost way more than for others.

A water heater is usually replaced after 10 years, but many things can go wrong and that time is reduced by a lot. You need to know when something is wrong with it, so you can check yourself or call someone to fix it as soon as possible. Many things you can’t fix by yourself, so it is better to ask for water heater repair, Santa Rosa-based companies, where you can find more experienced people.

Water heater size

Before anything goes wrong with your heater, you need to know what you should get. Because there are a lot of options now, …


5 Home Improvements that will Protect Your Home’s Structural Integrity

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5 Home Improvements​ that will Protect Your Home’s Structural Integrity

When it comes to home improvements, one thing should be of paramount importance: the structural integrity of your home. While it is great to have a beautiful home on the outside, if there are foundation problems or essential structural issues, not only will it be unpleasant to live in, but the resale value will be dramatically impacted.

A home that won’t pass an inspection won’t sell, won’t be as secure, and in many cases will be less energy efficient. There are a certain number of key areas that should be considered when looking at your home’s structural integrity and where home improvements should begin if there are clear issues.

Here are five of the most common home improvements that will protect your home’s structural integrity.

Landscape Drainage

A common issue with many older homes or homes with modified landscaping is improper landscape drainage. If during rains, water tends to pool around your foundation areas or at low areas of the lawn or landscape near your home, porches, or other structures, it is urgent that this be corrected.

Water intrusion into the spaces under your home can cause big issues with …