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Cleaning and Maintaining a Backyard Pond

A backyard pond is an attractive piece of landscaping. However, the natural beauty and murmuring water are also a great source of relaxation. It is important to do some routine cleaning to keep the water clear all summer long. There are a few things this entails, and following these tips will ensure the ecosystem stays healthy through the warmer months.

Healthy Water for Inhabitants

It is important to do a thorough and proper cleaning to keep the water suitable for aquatic life. More than likely, dead leaves and debris collected on the bottom of the pond earlier in the year. This can cause sludge, which creates a toxic environment. Routine maintenance will prevent the ammonia and nitrate content from increasing.

Cleaning Tasks

To start, take the time to remove leaves, twigs, and any other surface debris with a special net. Then, using a large water pump, it is important to remove sludge, sediment, and other debris from the bottom of the pond by draining it. Those that have fish, like koi, may not have the need to drain the pond completely because the water contains good bacteria. This will prevent the backyard pond from becoming sterile. This is all going to depend on how many fish there are and how good the filtration is. Many times, the amount of waste from the fish can overpower the filtration so a complete drain, wash, and vacuuming is needed. During this process, there are aerated tanks to properly care for any pond life during the cleaning and maintenance process.

Maintenance Tasks

This is a good time to clean and inspect the pump, filter pads, and skimmer box. If there are any accessories, go ahead and give them a deep cleaning before refilling the pond. This is also the time to add any new plants for natural water purification. Some people handle their maintenance alone, but others have a service come out. Either way, it is important for monthly maintenance to take place.

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