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Loft Conversion or Extension? Which Is Best For You?

Adding value to your home can bring some amazing benefits. Not only does it create an opportunity for your house price to rise when you decide to put it on the market, but you get to enjoy the extra space in your home however you would like, or for whatever you need. Whether that’s a loft conversion, adding an extra bedroom, a sunroom or even extending your kitchen, more space in the home offers more practical solutions for storage and household facilities and/or that extra space for a new arrival, office space or cosy snug.

Traditionally, there are really only two options when it comes to adding space: an extension, or a loft conversion. But which is the best solution for you? Here are some things to consider.


The first step you need to take when exploring either option is whether or not you are eligible. For example, is your loft space suitable for a conversion and what would it offer in terms of space / storage solutions? With an extension, you need to speak to experts who will tell you about any planning permissions you may need, and so on. For the most part, loft conversions are considered to be a permitted development. So, usually, you won’t need to apply for planning permission. There are some T’s and C’s with this though, so it’s helpful to do your homework first.

Disposable space:

What we mean by this is, consider how much exterior space you have to work with. When you are planning an extension, usually you are likely also planning to use the land around your home, such as your rear yard or garden. If you have a generous amount of space to play with, and extension could be worthwhile. However, with a loft conversion you are utilising unused space that you already have. Potentially, therefore, this could be a better investment as a starting point for new space in the home. Quite often, converting a loft space can be a less intrusive and time-consuming option, depending on what your vision is for the end result. Remember, the loft space is already there, an extension relies on additional exterior builds. Which brings us to our final point…


This is probably going to be your most important consideration. Either of the options you eventually choose will, of course, come at cost. So, budget will play a huge part in your decision-making. Consider the extension option: the cost of the build, potential plumbing work, wiring and interior design. It’s not simply the build, it’s all the finishing touches to consider. Similarly, with a loft conversion, the finished design will be an essential consideration, but as the space is already there, structurally, you could save on building costs when choosing this option. It will depend on the company you approach and what they are able to deliver, compared to the costs of an exterior extension option.

While there may be some finer detail to consider, we believe these three points act as a great foundation from which to make the best decision for you. So, weigh up the basics first: whether you are eligible for one or the other, how much space you have to essentially, give up, and what your budget is and how much it will allow for. Once these considerations have been thought through, potentially with some expert advice, it’s time to start looking for quotes, and you’re on your way to a brand new space for your home.