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Essential Things To Deliberate On When Purchasing A Perfect Parking Lot Equipment

One of the things that have boosted life to be simpler and convenient is the advent of technology. The sector of transport is, of course, one of the areas that have benefited a lot from technology. You need to make sure that you invest in technology if you have a parking garage. You need to buy a parking lot equipment. You definitely need to have this system because it will enable you to collect the revenues and operate your business the best way possible. You need however to know the best type of equipment before buying. It can be a daunting task to pick the right parking lot equipment particularly if it is your first time. You will thus need to consider some factors so as to make the right decision of a parking pay machine to buy. The following are some of the most important things to think about when buying a parking lot machine.

One of the most important things that you need to ask yourself is whether you will want a gated or a metered pay machine. You will need to pay more for gated parking system that it is for metered system because of the added equipment. The a metered system is a bit cheap because of the low costs of installations and you will only need to have a metered system. Another thing that makes the metered system to be cheap than the gated system is that the implementation is manually done.

It is important to know whether you will need to invest in a parking lot equipment with a changing or a flat rate. Equipment with flat rates are easy and also have less equipment. You will only need one validation machine with a flat rate parking pay station but with varying rate machines, you will need to have validation machines at both entry and exit points. When using the varying rate parking system, the parkers will be limiting themselves so that they cannot pay a lot of parking fee but on the other hand of the flat rate systems, a flat rate is charged regardless of the time the vehicle has been parked. You need therefore to ensure you buy a flat rate parking pay station where you know there is a high demand for parking.

It is also key to think on whether you need pay on foot or pay in lane parking lot equipment. You need to first know the number of vehicles that will be entering in your parking garage. If you have many vehicles coming in, then you will need to invest in walk-up payment machine because these types of machines reduce congestion at the exit lanes because the parkers pay on foot before getting to their cars. you have to think about the amount of parking space available so if your garage is small such that it cannot be able to accommodate POF machines as well as entry and exit machines, pay in lane machines whereby the customers pay at the exit lane before leaving the facility is a great space-saving solution.

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