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Justifications for Lawyers’ Love for Yellow Legal Pads

Legal pads are famous for their yellow color and wide margins. Currently, almost every office has a legal pad, and it is quite rampant in those belonging to lawyers. Here is information on why legal pads are most used, why they are yellow and why lawyers prefer to use them.

Originality of Legal Pads

The history of legal pads dates to late 1800 through Thomas Miller’s idea of forming scrap papers into similar shapes and putting them together. He later decide to tie them to make notebooks which are commonly known as loose-leaf notebooks today. Even though the documents were not yellow in color, we can agree that they are the origin of legal pads. Blue lines were used on the pads since it brings out a perfect contrast on yellow.

The Specifications of The Margin

The specific margins in legal pads make them easily identifiable. A standard legal pad has a margin of 1.25 inches on the down left side of the paper. Margins were used by lawyers to write on side notes.

Why Legal Pads are Yellow

As much as there are many opinions s to why legal pads were colored yellow, there is no specific reason to where and when it started. Research in color psychology backed up the claim that the yellow color was used in the legal profession for creative stimulation and boosting of mental capabilities. Some believe that since the papers were bound together, the only way to make them seem like one unified piece was by dying them yellow.

Why Legal Pads Are Loved

It is challenging to come up with a solid reason why most artists and professionals extremely loved legal pads. It is surprising how some artists swear by the use of a legal pad. Today, there are artworks that have been written on legal pads. Through research, it was found out that people love legal pads since they are excellent and cheap. To add on this, in the past, only matured people were allowed to write on them. By writing on the legal pads, you will be considered as essential and with authority. Theses are some of the reasons why many people are still confident when writing on the pads. Many lawyers love scribbling away on their legal pads to boost their confidence. However, we should not let the internet to overpower legal pads completely.

Lawyers Have Other Things The Love Besides Legal Pads

Anyone working in a law office might at one point wondered about the theories used in the law faculty. With the internet is a reliable source of information, you can be assured to get some right answers to your questions. There are many more items other than legal pads that lawyers would swear by.

Whichever your need is, our blog will give you all the information you need on the concept of law.

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