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Smart Ways for Air Conditioner Repair

Smart Ways for Air Conditioner Repair

We all are in love with our air conditioner when it is very hot outside or very cold, but usually, we tend to abuse that advantage to have a temperature in the house as we like it. Before you read all the articles about what is going on with your AC, you need to know that it has to be taken care of like your car or any electrical mechanical devices.

There can be a lot of things wrong with your AC, and at the time you ask yourself “Why is my AC leaking water?”, it can be late for fixing, but that is just in minor cases, usually everything can be fixed. Most of the work, you can do yourself, but if you think you don’t understand something it is always better to call for help.


If you hear a big pop outside your house, and your AC stops working, that could be a blown capacitor. You will have air blowing through the vent, but it won’t be cold. When you have a bad capacitor, the best thing you should do is to call AC tech to replace it. It has voltage in it, so it isn’t safe for someone without experience, and the same thing goes for everything in the panel of your AC unit.

Safety is always the number one thing, so when working with a problem such as this one, you should call someone. There is a capacitor meter that can help you check if everything is okay with the capacitor.

Get more information here: https://howardair.com/how-tell-capacitor-bad-your-ac-unit/

Drain pan

If your air is not blowing out or you are not getting cold air, well you want to check your drain pan. If your drain pan is full, there could be a clog in the drain line. In such cases, the moisture will build up and the float switch will toggle, and turn off your air handler. What you want to do is to get a wet vacuum and unclog the drain line from the outside and inside, and also drain the moisture out of the drain pan and float switch should reset.

If the air handler is turned off because of the circuit breaker, you may have to go to the circuit breaker and toggle the error handler switch. If you see a frozen line on your outside unit or a frozen line on the inside unit, that can also be the sign of a clogged drain or a clogged air filter.

Low Freon

It could be a leak in one of your lines, but working with Freon can be dangerous maybe not immediately, but it has consequences. AC tech will test if you have a leak and if you don’t they will just fill up the Freon. You can’t just take the Freon tank and connect it to your AC unit, and fill up your Freon yourself. You need to be certified, otherwise, you can get in trouble and get fined because Freon does damage to the atmosphere. Read more on this page.

Common problems

One of the most common problems is the air filter which you can check yourself. It is the easiest thing to fix by just cleaning it. Sometimes it can be so clogged that there is no air coming through. Especially after the winter time because the heating doesn’t require as much airflow as cooling does.

To check everything from the start, the first thing you need to do is to go to the thermostat and make sure that the fan is on auto, the system is on, and the set point is below the room temperature. When the thermostat is on and you go to the furnace, you should hear it make noise. Also, you should hear a hissing noise from the evaporator coil. If the furnace is rumbling and there is air blowing from the van that means the blower in the furnace is working.

Most of the problems you can do yourself like described, and you can check where everything is placed when your air conditioner is being placed. If you checked everything that you can think of, don’t go deeper looking, it is better to ask a professional for help.