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Want to lose weight? Drinking Sweet Tea and Healthy Green Tea.

Tea is one of the beverages that people often consume. Type of green tea is the most popular. Green tea is one of the several types of sweet tea that has many properties that can make the body healthy and suitable for use in diet programs. Green tea is a special tea because it contains cancer-preventing compound and enzyme dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) as an anti-cancer drug.

Like coffee, green tea has a caffeine content that can provide stimulant effects to stimulate the work of the brain and nerves that can increase the power of concentration and physical activity physically. Caffeine also serves to smooth blood circulation and help kidney function in our body. Green tea contains vitamins B and C, contains essential oils that are useful for dissolving fat and contain polyphenols as an antioxidant that serves to reduce the fat content in the diet and to separate the fat and enzymes so as not to be absorbed directly by the body, thus helping the digestive process with good. In addition, the content of polyphenols in green tea is also able to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, antihypertensives, and can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

In our body, there must be poison. The content of sweet tea can get rid of these toxins, boost immunity, treat headaches. By consuming tea, psychologically you will feel relaxed and calm. With a calm mind especially in the morning, you can consume sweet tea or green tea before doing sports activities. To do a diet program is to regulate the pattern of life and maintain food consumption. Offset with sports activities to burn calories for example by jogging for 15-20 minutes. Do sports that do not drain too much sweat or light exercise. The function of doing this sport is a routine that will help you in losing weight for maximum results.

To consume green tea, choose the quality green tea that has not been mixed and given ingredients such as additional sweetener or flavorings. Drink the tea with the original flavor. To be more leverage, serve hot tea. But in order to be more awake usefulness, we must still pay attention to the way of presentation. Tea brewed with hot water with a temperature of 80-90 degrees Celsius for approximately 2-3 minutes. Tea is served in a hot state will feel more aroma and efficacy compared with tea served in cold conditions or with ice. Because the ice will mix with water and this will affect the levels of the tea that can ultimately reduce the content of green tea.

Green tea can help slow the increase in blood sugar in the body, because of the reaction, tea can decrease appetite. You can drink it without sugar, or you can also add honey. The recommended time for tea in the morning before breakfast, lunch before lunch and before dinner. For those of you who like snacks, you can replace these snacks by drinking low-calorie green tea.

That’s the article about one of the benefits of sweet tea or green tea as a drink that can be used to lose weight. Do not forget to remind, in addition to consuming green tea, so you always keep the pattern of life and eating regularly, exercise regularly and rest with enough.

Good luck and hopefully this article useful.