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Water Filtration System Health Benefits

Water Filtration System Health Benefits

Water is a very important topic when we talk about humanity because we can’t live without it. Each of us needs a quality water supply. Your best option to get the best quality water is from a mountain spring. But, usually they aren’t that accessible, so we have other sources. After mountain, spring is the well water, but some of them still need some filtration.

Majority of people are using municipal water supply which is loaded with prams. Typically in it, 90{003fffaf70dff333c085e7cda0d6afee97ca0d8d42673d630728b8d1a6c167b1} of those waters are fluoridated. It is very problematic to remove even with best water filter systems. The most common additive and a concert is chlorine which is added to decrease the likelihood that you will get sick. Using any filter is better than no filter.

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Issues we have now

Bottled water isn’t really a good long-term option. There are significant environmental reasons because you actually have to pay for the fuel to transport water from point A to point B where you are going to be consuming it, but there is also how you are storing it. There are many chemicals in plastic that have bad consequences of chronic exposure.

There are so many things we don’t know about health and we know plastics are not natural or healthy. The longer you store them or the hotter the temperature is where you store them have negative effects.

Another issue is who is looking at these water supplies, and it is important to know that most municipal water supplies are regulated by the EPA, but when it comes to bottled water, it is regulated by the FDA where is a lot of potential for fraud.

Types of filtration systems

They are broadly based into three different types. Distilled water is recognized by most people as not really an ideal form, because it restructures the water, divides minerals, and has other complications. The one that is not a water filter system is alkaline water which is more like a process.

Two primary ways are the reverse osmosis system and a carbon-based system. RO is a high-quality process that will remove most of the fluoride, certainly not all of it and most of the disinfection by-products, and the volatile organic compounds. The problem is that it removes many of the beneficial minerals which are easily solved by putting healthy mineral back in and typically people use Himalayan salt.

Carbon filters are really a phenomenal solution for most people, and one of the ways that you can identify the high-quality filter is by looking at the certification process. There are three carbon systems, one will address your whole house, one that you can typically put on your kitchen tap and another is in your shower.

Important thing to consider

There is an important point to consider that you probably don’t realize and that is that chlorine which is in the water supply and the disinfection products are all volatile, that means they evaporate. This is also going to volatilize in your toilet, and if you have a few toilets in your house, it is a significant volume of water that is going to evaporate these dangerous gases into your home, so your indoor air quality will actually decrease quite substantially.

Make sure that you are even in the winter opening up your windows, so you can exhaust those gases from your home because it is not good for you or your family. You can eliminate that by using some of these systems. If you are on well water then you have to customize it and have your water tested to see exactly what’s in it. Click here to read more.

Lower risk of cancer

It is not a secret that many big companies throw chemicals in the water which is later filtrated and sent to our homes. Because they are so powerful, they can get away with it and we end up with polluted water. This is why taking care of nature is so important because it gets back to us in the end.

Because these chemicals are so strong, we need better filtration systems. The technology is at the point where we can make it clean and ready for use. It depends on the products and the system, but most of them prevent us from getting chemicals in our body that can cause cancer.

Better tasting water

The most noticeable reason is that water filters make all the smelling elements go away from drinking water which includes chlorine and bacterial contaminants that give a bad experience when trying to drink that kind of water. By using certain water filters, you can clearly enhance the overall experience and notice the difference right away. Also, many of them can detect when water is contaminated in advance, so you can react on time.

Improved well being

Drinking water has minerals that are good for us but just in certain amounts. A great water filtration system can selectively eliminate the dangerous contaminant while maintaining the healthy minerals and even setting the right pH scale.

You will overall be in better state. Because 70{003fffaf70dff333c085e7cda0d6afee97ca0d8d42673d630728b8d1a6c167b1} of your body is made of water, you should take in only the best quality. It is the essential thing for us and we don’t really focus on it as we should. Many diets are based on water and making dished on water for better shape.

Protecting children

Children in the youngest age need all the necessary minerals to develop a strong healthy body. This also is implied for water. Children are particularly vulnerable to illness and diseases that water born bacteria and germs can carry. By having proper water filters, you can wash away these contaminants and maintain your children safe from any of these illnesses.

It is important to remember that you need to use any kind of filtration system. Even if there are no toxins, there is a chance of contamination. Improving water also means improving your life and the people around you using it.