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Ways to Add Extra Flavor to Your Morning Coffee

Breakfast is an essential meal of the day, and most of us accompany it with a cup of coffee. However much you like your cup of coffee, it gets to some point when you feel like it has become habitual and boring. Read on to get some fun ways to add extra flavor to your morning coffee and add excitement to your mornings.

Add some Flavored Syrup
If you are an ardent coffee drinker, a taste of freshly brewed coffee is enough to give your tongue the heavenly sensation. It is, however, a good idea to try flavored syrup and take your coffee to the next level. All the major coffee shops have syrup that you can add to your drink, and you can also buy them to use at home. The sugar is availed in many flavors including pumpkin spice, which is great during fall, along with a more Christmassy gingerbread. A a teaspoon of the syrup is all you need to get the extra flavor every morning.

Get a Different Roast
There are many different roasts of coffee using different coffee beans. In most cases, people will find a roast they love and stick to using it. A typical breakfast coffee tends to have a medium roast, so if you have been drinking that all your life, it is time to try something else. You can switch to a lighter roast or a darker one. You can give dark a try as some of the best dark roast coffee is made by Italian companies, and as you know Italian coffee is good.

Add some Fancy
Most likely when you make coffee for yourself, it is usually something that is quite boring. But you can add extra spice to your mornings by brewing a fancy little flat white, latte, or cappuccino. All you need is something that you can froth up and heat milk with and you are good to go. There are loads of tutorials online that can guide you in making any of these drinks, and add some fun to your mornings.

Freeze the Coffee
Try this; make your normal morning coffee, then you put it in a blender with loads of ice cubes. By simply doing that you get yourself an iced coffee. Add some extra milk or cream to the mix and turn it into a milkshake of sorts. It’s a fun little idea that can help you wake up even more with a jolt of coldness. It provides with a perfect drink for the morning in the hot months of the year.

You can try each of these ideas during the week, and you already have for yourself super alternatives to your normal morning coffee. Break the norm and have some fun first thing in the morning by having some fun brewed coffee.